"Just Tell Them...

I have worked 40 years to make the Women's Suffrage platform broad enough for Atheists and Agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest Orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."

Susan B. Anthony

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Fitting Funeral At Last

I really, really wish I could be in Maryland for Edgar Allen Poe's funeral this weekend.

Alas, tickets are sold out and the festivities have already begun....

"The body (is lying) in state for 12 hours today at the Poe House, a tiny rowhome in a gritty section of west Baltimore. Visitors are invited to pay their respects.

Following the viewing will be an all-night vigil at Poe's grave at Westminster Burying Ground. Anyone who attends will have the opportunity to deliver a tribute.

On Sunday morning, a horse-drawn carriage will transport the replica of Poe's body from his former home to the graveyard for the funeral."

Some things are more important than the never ending regurgitation of current affairs.

R.I.P. Edgar! Your poetry has salved many a sad soul.... and scared the bejeebies out of others.



  1. I am originally from Baltimore , and have been to the POE house , was friends with a direct descendant on the CLEM side , and I have lost touch with her over the years. I wonder if she will be there , I so wish I was.


  2. Wow! That is some photo, Swannie.

    I have always been in love with the early American authors. Poe, Hawthorne, Emerson, Thoreau, Anthony and Cady-Stanton. I have visited many of their homesteads. But never Poe's.

    Maybe some day....

    This year sounds very exciting out that way!!