"Just Tell Them...

I have worked 40 years to make the Women's Suffrage platform broad enough for Atheists and Agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest Orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."

Susan B. Anthony

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Clear About Who Might Be Working For Gay Rights, And Who is Not

Oh and, BTW, who was responsible for the overturn of Prop H8? (Hint: not the Democratic party.)

I am on to "Dirty, Sexy Politics." (About to read a Progressive Republican's book about them, anyways.)

Best not to get too convinced about (ie. sold out to) any one political party.

Just sayin'.



Example of the kind of fanatic "religious" hater that the Democratic party (and it's media mavens) are kissing up to these days. Via CNN. (The poor man feels he has had his right to vote against other people's civil rights gutted.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ahnold sez "let the weddings resume!"


  1. Isn't that interesting? Actually it was Dem voters, primarily Obama supporters, that voted for the ban. Without them it would never have passed. A Republican appointed judge, once thought to be unconfirmable because he was too conservative, made the ruling. Ted Olson, ultra conservative, made the winning argument against the ban. Than it's praised by the Republican Governor. Both Cindy and Meagan Mccain campaigned against the ban.

    And on the Dem side that is allegedly all supportive of gay marriage? Crickets. The best the president could do was say he didn't support gay marriage but he thought prop 8 was too divisive.

  2. Janis5:30 PM

    At this point, all the Repubs have to do is just keep their noses out of abortion altogether, and I'm fine with them. Not for, not against, just dead silence from them on abortion would be fine with me. Even silence of the Palin variety, where she doesn't like it but never once legislated against it while in power.

    I've said it elsewhere, but I recall being so angry in 2008, thinking that I wanted the Democratic party to be so afraid of women and what we would do that they would crap themselves in terror just thinking about us.

    I got my wish, two years after I wanted it but still. I got it. And it feels GREAT!!!!! :-)

  3. Janis6:21 PM

    And you know what? I want the Republicans scared to death of us, too.

  4. I thought this was kind of interesting:

    Ann Coulter To Headline 'Homocon' Event For Gay Conservatives


  5. Not a very nice article about Gay Republicans, yttik. (And I'll add not very accurate either, because there is no mention of Log Cabin Republicans.)

    But it does point up a rather interesting pattern ... of the Conservative elite rubbing elbows with prominent gays. (Remember Elton John at Rush Limbaugh's wedding?)

    The plot thickens....

  6. yttik1:19 PM

    Yes, it's HuffnPuff, they always put a nasty tone in their articles. But it's kind of fascinating to see gays becoming a part of the conservative agenda.

    Ted Olson was on TV again talking about how gay marriage is a conservative value on the basis of keeping government out of people's lives.

  7. Here's a couple of gay teapartiers talking about gay marriage:


  8. Anonymous3:37 PM

    RE: "Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ahnold sez "let the weddings resume!"

    California desperately needs the stimulation from it!

  9. Janis5:02 PM

    What does it say about me and my disconnection from popcult that I went clicking through some of the photos of that NOH8 campaign, and I recognized NOT A SINGLE NAME?

    And the faces looked terrifying -- photoshopped into absolute plastic cyborg freakshow territory. They looked like human pictures from the Uncanny Valley. I don't think I want to see another retouched photograph of a human face ever again in my life. They're fucking scary.