"Just Tell Them...

I have worked 40 years to make the Women's Suffrage platform broad enough for Atheists and Agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest Orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."

Susan B. Anthony

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Isabel Allende on the 51% Solution: So Powerful!


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Syd, thank you - that was brilliant.


  2. That was great! Thank you for posting!

  3. that was great thank you. love that woman! read all her books.

  4. Janis5:30 PM

    I just want to see women fighting for equality and rights, and openly and happily acknowledging that that means that even women they don't like will get them. We'll fight for our own equality, but not for hers. Not for that bitch. I keep saying this, and it keeps being true, and it keeps scaring me because it keeps making every goddamned attempt that women make at power and equality over the years go pear-shaped and spiral in on itself and implode.

    I want power for women -- as long as it's ME! I want equality for women -- as long as it's ME! I want MY daughter to grow up thinking she can be president -- but not YOUR bitch daughter! And when the choice is between that woman's son and someone else's daughter, well that girl can drop dead for all she cares.

    That Emily's List horseshit was a perfect example -- support their own women? It's WAY more fun to tear down another one! Just because politically acceptable women get to run for office doesn't mean those bitches over there should make a successful power grab in THEIR party! Who do they think they are? Git `em! If anything is the problem with Western women, it's that our basic needs are met such that we can fall back into the old chickfight mindset without paying an immediate price. When your daughter is going to get raped before your eyes, your awareness gets real clear real fast. But it's like once we get out of the worst of the muck, we immediately start throwing it at one another. Once our daughter isn't getting raped by six soldiers right in front of us, it's "who does that other girl think she is walking around like that with that stupid hair and tacky shoes."

    We just need to face it -- and say it out loud -- that if we work toward women's equality and power, then even That Bitch I Hate will get some. Even that trashy bitch who pops her gum in my fave and flirted with my boyfriend will get equality. We need to stop acting like sitting in a pile of shit is worth it because at least we get to watch that other bitch up to her neck in shit, too. That's EXACTLY what Emily's List did. If they are gonna be nothing but a ladies' auxiliary for a male-controlled party, they will be damned to hell before they see the OTHER party's women making any headway!

    Until we confront this, speak it out loud and just fucking say it, we will get nowhere. We'll keep rising up, and winding up right back down. And we'll keep cooking and cleaning for men the whole time, so they'll barely even notice much less care.

  5. Tell it Janis! You are dead on correct!!

  6. Janis8:03 PM

    I should write an article about this and see if I have failed to irk the TNA women enough for them to publish it. I say that not because I'm badmouthing them but because I am irksome and know it. :-) Equality For Me But Not For Thee, or "some bitches are more equal than others." It just drives me nuts that I never hear this said or acknowledged. The endless focus on "empower women" without a hard, unstinting, and uncomplimentary look at what prevents that from happening time and again is not going to do any good. Neither will spiritual uplift nor horror stories, and if Allende thinks that power just drops out of the skies if you stand there and say it should, she's kidding herself.

    We can't keep acting like we've been the garbage of the world for the past million years, and we've made endless tries at the brass ring over and over throughout the centuries, and we've always failed ... and it's always someone else's fault. As shitty as men are, we can't keep pointing the finger at them when this happens so reliably.

    Men are as shitty as we let them get away with. Like I said, they will just sit back and let us cook, clean, and crack our thighs and wait for the next round of Girlie Empowerfulation to blow over ... why the hell should they do anything else? They don't even respect members of their own gender who roll over and coddle. It'd be nice if at least one feminist (aside from the endlessly abrasive and endlessly correct Phyllis Chesler) would fucking say this in the open light of day.