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I have worked 40 years to make the Women's Suffrage platform broad enough for Atheists and Agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest Orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."

Susan B. Anthony

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tammy Bruce Nails It, FOX Publishes It, Progressive Women Get It.

Tammy Bruce, formerly of NOW, has penned this excellent piece about California NOW and the "W" word.

In it she opens with....

"You know the phrase "a disaster waiting to happen?" For over a decade now I've been waiting and watching, knowing that the National Organization for Women would inevitably have a very public nervous breakdown brought on by the pressures of using women's issues to further the misogynist leftist agenda.

The only questions were when it would happen and how public the collapse would be. I now have my answer--October 2010."

But don't stop there. Really. Be sure to read the WHOLE thing! Even if Mr. Obama and his minions want you to be afraid... very afraid... of FOX news.

That's one of my "Pet Peeves" too, Rev. Amy. How dare some smart ass punk of a Physical Therapist tell YOU what you can and can't read or watch! (Like you, or any of us, are too stoopid to see what that's about??)

It is a sad day, really.... when "Progressives" become so non-progressive that they actually defend whore, slut, bitch and cunt as "OK to use" words. And then follow their nonsense up with "and you best not be listening to our dissenters at such-and-such news outlet."

It's an even sadder day when a whole swath of *truly* Progressive women are forced into the camp of "the enemy" because it is only there that we can expect our outrage to be aired.

Tammy Bruce is right. 'Cept, it's not only NOW that is having a "public nervous breakdown." It's an entire industry that oppresses women "for our own good." (Because, ya know, the only thing that matters to any of us is whether we can get an abortion at the drop of a hat. And we had better tow the line, or they'll take THAT right away, too.)


  1. Hey, Stray - Nice post, and thanks for the link-love. I'll be adding you to my blogroll, too. You rock!

    And yes, my PT assuming anyone who watches Fox is a mo-ron was a bit irritating (though as I admitted, I used to think that, too). I do know I have never, not ever, heard one of their reporters say it was his job to ensure a successful presidency a la Chris Matthews, but I guess that's okay since it is MSNBC. Ahem.

    So, how abt CA N.O.W. and their support of calling Meg Whitman a derogatory name? I imagine that would make Susan B. Anthony roll over in her grave...

    Great site!

  2. Tammy's spot on! Between her and Amy Siskind, my sanity holds together :D

  3. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I'm glad to see this from Tammy Bruce. Thanks for posting it, Stray. I hadn't heard about this but can't say I'm surprised at NOW. We've got a bunch of Queen Bees posing as feminists and wanting to tell all us worker bees how to think. They don't seem to realize we're at least as smart as they are and refuse to put up with misogyny for any reason. Modem XX

  4. I think its been said that it was Jerry Brown's wife who used the "w" word. What I am not liking is the insinuation that the use of the "w" word was directed at all all women when it was directed at an action taken by a politician for political gain.

    My pet peeve is that if it had been a man who done what Meg Whitman did, the w word would probably not have been used. I suggest the expansion of the w word to both sexes to signify someone who is an opportunistic above and beyond what is civil or ethical.

  5. Janis5:48 PM

    I suggest we stop using it, unless you are willing to use the word nigger to denote anyone who lazy-n-shiftless regardless of color. We already have a perfectly good word to denote someone who blows with the wind, sellout. Why do you feel the need to hold onto a word that equates that with sex at all?

  6. Janis7:41 PM

    "Because, ya know, the only thing that matters to any of us is whether we can get an abortion at the drop of a hat."

    And for people who supposedly care about the right to choose so much, it's funny how far it's slid backwards on their watch, innit?

  7. Anonymous12:16 AM

    "And for people who supposedly care about the right to choose so much, it's funny how far it's slid backwards on their watch, innit"

    It sure is! Whitman is completely pro-choice while Brown is pretty limp about it. NOW is not only refusing to endorse the potential first female governor of California, they're not endorsing the strongest advocate for choice.

  8. Anonymous2:36 AM

    What is with this "whore" stuff? I don't hear anyone calling male politicians whores. When the word is equally applied to all politicians then fine. But it seems to be overwhelmingly directed at female candidates.

    I have one question, and my husband agrees BTW, if it were your Mom, Sister, Daughter etc. would you be okay with that? I seriously doubt it.

  9. The only thing that the word "whore" does is connect someone who does something you don't like with sex. What is so delicious about using sex to insult someone you don't like for ANY reason? I want anyone who defends the use of that word in any context to explain what is so enjoyable about insulting someone and deliberately using sex to do it. And "Well, that's just what people do," isn't good enough.

  10. Janis2:10 PM

    Jesus, the comments on Bruce's post are insane. She's excoriating NOW for making of women nothing but bootlickers for men, and there are a HUGE number of commenters who are going, "RIGHT ON! Those babykillin' feminists bitches fucked up when they tried to get women to be anything other than wives and mothers!"

    NOW wants us to be one kind of accessories to men, and the assholes who hate them want us to be just another kind of accessory to men. You know, fuck all of them. This is why voting women only is the only way to go. The ONLY way to get in the game is to get the fuck off the sidelines.

  11. Very well said and I LOVE Tammy Bruce! NOW in all it's forms can bite me!

  12. I still miss Media Whores Online.

    Is it okay to say that?