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I have worked 40 years to make the Women's Suffrage platform broad enough for Atheists and Agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest Orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."

Susan B. Anthony

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Words That Aptly Describe Those Who Hate Their Own Supporters: "Bankrupt, Borders, Feminist"

I couldn't help but notice that a "liberal, feminist" website was the one to post this whiny, droning list of complaints from former Borders employees.

My very first reaction was "OMG! NO wonder the bookstore chain is now out of business!!" And it was not lost on me that, the only Borders I have visited in these past few years is being replaced by a Joseph Beth Booksellers. I sincerely hope it will be a carbon copy of the Joe Beth I frequent. Cuz, ya see.... I feel welcomed there. Even if I am running in at the last minute with a "quick question" about a birthday gift I need. Or if I have my little niece in tow, and she wants to "play" in some sales clerk's hallowed "section."

Let me be blunt. If this article, in any way, represents the attitude of most Borders Books employees... well, the chain deserves to be bankrupt. And the clerks jobless. I seriously hope that some of them will get off their whiny asses, and be hired on by Joseph-Beth. Where they can get a lesson in customer service.

One more thing. And I'll continue to be frank. Take one look at the smartass "oh yeah" responses at Jezebel and you will know that our economy has little hope of any kind of marketing recovery if these kiddos are the ones in charge.

Which brings me back to my original statement about the article being on a "liberal, feminist" blog. In 2008 I got the same kinda "Borders attitude" from those gals. You know, the "look down my nose at the older lady with the kid. Even if she did fight for my Title IX scholarship, and my right to reproductive freedom" attitude.

Bah! I can shop elsewhere, thank you.


PS. I take back what I said about the Jezebel responders. Some of the later responses are quite intelligent. And sensitive.


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Is that gripe complaint list for real?

    "It confused us when you would as for the non-fiction section."

    It reads like a good Saturday Night Live skit from 1977.

  2. I think it is for real this time, Anon.

    And I betchs these same gripers are at the OWS protests today.