"Just Tell Them...

I have worked 40 years to make the Women's Suffrage platform broad enough for Atheists and Agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest Orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."

Susan B. Anthony

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just for Today....

Yes, it can be done! 

"The level of success that shelters are experiencing is in direct proportion to the level of effort put in. Those shelters that heavily marketed and hosted Just One Day events are reporting that animals are being adopted in droves. As posted earlier, some shelters are completely empty. Every available animal was adopted. Other shelters are having more modest results. But there is a central lesson h...ere: When you engage and partner with the public, when shelters work with rescue groups, when they reach out to the media, and when they make it easy for people to do the right thing, great things happen. They empty the shelter the good way."

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