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I have worked 40 years to make the Women's Suffrage platform broad enough for Atheists and Agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest Orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."

Susan B. Anthony

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The PUMAsphere is Split, But I have Made Up My Mind: Sarah or Hillary Are Fine By Me

First of all, I will admit to this much:
Sarah Palin needs to consult with some decent speech writers. I believe she often says things that could be worded better. And I believe she WILL. Just as Obama learned what he could say about "typical white people" the hard way. Sarah will learn what she can say about "typical gay people."

Listen, PCness is not easy. It comes more easily to folks that are schooled at Hahvahd and such. But even they can screw it up. (As did Obama in more than one situation.) This is the cost of putting political neophytes on the fast track to national office. The learning curve is steep. Hillary and Mac had both mastered the lingo. Ivoted for both of them. But they both "lost." That is life in the American Idol milieu that the citizenry allows to dominate it's politics.

Second point:

I have heard Sarah, in her own words, say that abortion should never be criminalized. I believe that was under the intense pressure of Katie Couric... for her to say otherwise.

I really wish that my PUMA friends would be more careful about going back in time and pulling out quotes from a Sarah Palin that was campaigning before only Wasillans, or even Alaskans. Times change. Even for Pols. Sometimes... the change happens at warp speed, right before our eyes. (Just as it did with Obama, who essentially gave a couple of speeches and hired an Ivy League speech writer as his qualifications for the highest office in the land.) Sarah is learning. Faster than most of us could.

My mind is made up. :

I will support Sarah or Hillary. Whomever runs for the White House FIRST.

If they both run in 2016... all the better. Cuz we can all support a woman, whether we want to or not. And we can't lose..... no matter which side wins!

I really do not need to come to the PUMAsphere, day after day, for a synopsis of Palin's shortcomings. I am aware of them, as are most... if not all... PUMAs. We are the smart ones. Remember? We read and listen to original sources as a matter of policy.

I am simply drawing a different set of conclusions from the ones you may be. That doesn't mean I am stupid.

Honestly, though, I can get plenty of "education" about Palin's shortcomings from outside of my PUMA family. If I want that, I'll look for it. Just Sayin'...

It's getting a little bit preachy in here.



  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    The abortion issue was the most successful lie about Sarah Palin that Axelrod and Emanuel executed. Personally, she is pro-life; as an American, she believes the Constitution overrides all, and according to the Constitution abortion should be legislated state by state. But how anyone thinks Roe vs. Wade is going to be overturned by Sarah Palin or anyone else after Obama stacks the court is beyond me.

    And about the speech writer--you are absolutely right. But until VERY recently Palin has had, with 5 children, very limited personal funds, but now, with SarahPAC, has funds for a crack speechwriter available.

    The last thing I have to throw in, Stray, is there are three areas that Clinton Palin are very closely aligned.

    1: Increased domestic fossil fuel exploration, drilling (mining) and refining would instantly turn our economy around, instantly created millions of jobs, to say nothing of reopening manuacturing centers across the country to make the equipment.

    Both had a incremental plan for incentives to manufacturer alternative energy equipment (Hillary wanted the U.S. to DECIDE to be the solar panel manufacturing center of the world and export, while lowering the price here; Palin's I think is more like micro-turbines, geo-theramal and solar, used in combination with our existing fuels (including coal)to cut way back on emissions. Both want incentives for new processes and innovations helping the environment.

    (Has anyone seen a plan from the Obama administration besides creating a new commodity for the Chicago Exchange and a new derivitive security for speculators to blow up the econonmy with again in a few years?)

    2) A stronger military and domestic defense systems.

    3) To end federal favoritism to unions, government employees and public assistance at the expense of regular working Americans. When the DNC threw Hillary under the bus, they threw her working-class, middleclass, older women and rural voters under the bus as well.

    So we have two leaders who have been screwed by their parties who agree on:

    The economy.
    Equality for Americans.

    Not a bad match up. I'm with you, Stray.

  2. Ditto both SYD and LindaVW :) Well said ladies!

  3. To both the post and Laura's comment: Hear hear!

  4. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Well, at least Sarah knows where she met her husband. Obama can't even get that straight without a teleprompter.

  5. For me, i don't know *where* she stands, so i'm not going to make up my mind about her politically until i do. And re: puma writings, i think it's the opposite, so far i'm seeing a lot more of she can do no wrong than any critisism at all.

  6. I agree with you! Whoever runs for president first - Hillary OR Sarah will get my vote. If by some miracle, both run at the same time, my loyalty will remain with Hillary. But I really like Sarah a lot. She is the REAL, GENUINE person I've ever seen who also happens to be a politician. And she is a breath of fresh air.

    With both Hillary and Sarah, you KNOW they love their country, no doubt whatsoever. So in that regard I feel safe. I KNOW Obama DOES NOT LOVE AMERICA. That I am sure about.

    All I know is I am 56 and I want to see a woman president before I die. But NOT just any woman. God forbid, I would NEVER want to see a Nancy Pelosi as president! I HATE HER!! I will never forgive her or ANYONE ELSE who backstabbed Hillary during the primaries!!

    I seriously doubt Hillary will run again. She can't run in 2012 with Obama in office. The DNC would not let her be the nominee when she was the REAL WINNER. Can you see them letting her run AGAINST "THE ONE"?? HA!

    I hope Sarah runs in 2012. IF she does, I will not only vote for her, but will be a volunteer on her campaign. I will work as hard for her as I did for Hillary!!

  7. I support Palin 100% and will work for her campaign if she decides to run. If it comes down to Hillary and Sarah, I go with Sarah. If it comes down to Hillary and a man, I will vote for Hillary.

    BTW: I don't know if you saw this quote from Justice Ginsburg, but she just set the pro-choice issue back 100 years:

    Are you talking about the distances women have to travel because in parts of the country, abortion is essentially unavailable, because there are so few doctors and clinics that do the procedure? And also, the lack of Medicaid for abortions for poor women?

    Ginsburg: Yes, the ruling about that surprised me. [Harris v. McRae – in 1980 the court upheld the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the use of Medicaid for abortions.] Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don't want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion. Which some people felt would risk coercing women into having abortions when they didn't really want them. But when the court decided McRae, the case came out the other way. And then I realized that my perception of it had been altogether wrong.