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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

David Letterman Jumps the Misogyny Shark, Promotes Rape of a Minor. TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

All over the PUMAsphere this morning, the call has gone out. Something simply MUST be done about David Letterman's misogyny.

Here is the call to action from from HILLBUZZ. With a link to Letterman's "top ten" about Sarah Palin's trip to New York. That little video is bad enough.

But NOTHING beats the one linked at The Confluence. Do people really think that raping a fourteen year old is funny? Letterman apparently does. But, I can't believe that the audience actually laughs about Willow Palin being "knocked up" by Alex Rodriguez.

Yes,myiq2xu. It is worse than any of us thought.

Here we see Deadenders trying to handle the situation with humor. Who can blame them? The reality of the rape joke, and the laughter that followed, is beyond what most of us can even take in. (Can you imagine what would have happened if Letterman had said the same about Sasha or Malia?)

If you pop in at PUMA PAC you begin to see the larger issue. How a (well meaning?)president's speech can justify misogyny. Simply by the act of omission. Mr. Obama doesn't say it is OK to behead your wife. But, he doesn't say it is not OK, either. Just like he didn't speak out, but rather joked about it, when Bernie Mac called women "ho's."

Nor will Mr. Obama comment about David Letterman's sanction of statutory rape at a ball park.

To all of my PUMA friends, all who have supported Hillary, even if you do not support Sarah Palin for president:

David Letterman has jumped the proverbial shark. It is time for him to go. ALL decent women and men must stand up against this kind of woman hate. For the good of our daughters, and our country. I encourage all of you to follow the HILLBUZZ link above, and find out how to take action. They are dedicating a month to making old Dave's life miserable.

If you don't do it for Sarah, do it for Willow. Truth be told, she looks a lot like my own daughter. The thought of her being raped at a Ballpark turns my stomach.



  1. From WatchfulRaven at the Hillbuzz Call to action:

    The letter needs to be short – and very blunt – to get the message across. Perhaps something along these lines might work?

    Dear (Advertiser):

    I am shocked to learn that your company supports the rape of young girls.

    As an advertiser on the David Letterman show, you endorse his point of view; June 8th 2009 he “joked” that a female Governor of the United States is “slutty” and “joked” about her 14 year-old daughter being raped by an adult male baseball player.

    I refuse to buy products from a company who supports such a vulgar, reprehensible attitude toward woman. As a result, I am emailing a copy of this letter to as many of my female friends, family, neighbors and co-workers as possible, calling for a national boycott of every single one of your products.

    Shame on you.

    List of advertisers so far (thanks Mizzougal):

    Earn My Degree
    True Credit by TransUnion
    Capitol One
    Embassy Suites
    On The Border Restaurants
    Best Western

    Go to their websites, click on either News, Contact Us or the Investors links to get email addresses for the PR folks. A letter like the one above ought to scare the snot out of them.

  2. Be sure to edit and make the letter your own. The one I posted is simply an example.

    Here's another one:

    molybdanthan posted the following letter on Wednesday, June 10th at 1:36AM EDT on Redstate…


    I am contacting you regarding your sponsorship of The Late Show with David Letterman. On June 8, 2009, his offensive humor strayed into a realm beyond all reason. He intimated that a fourteen year old girl should be sexually violated. This comment is indefensible. Providing the funding for it is likewise indefensible. Your company should not be associated with Mr. Letterman.

    I would like you to immediately withdraw all ad revenue from this show until Mr. Letterman learns the error of his sick ways, and makes a formal and public apology to the family he offended, and the American viewing public.

    In case you forgot, Don Imus was speedily removed from television for a racist comment he made. That may still happen in this case. In a perfect world, Mr. Letterman would no longer be on the air one minute after making his joke. The girl he insulted is a minor. Your company should not support a man that ridicules children, or sexually objectifies one for a punchline.

    Actions have consequences. For the sake of the girl who was attacked, please do the right thing, and give your monetary support to a better person than David Letterman. Withhold your ads, and help him to see the light.

    Thank you,

  3. My own FIRST letter:

    CBS promoting the rape of a minor? Really?? Shame on you!

    I'll just link you to my own blog, in case you wonder how we feel about David Letterman's joke about the rape of Willow Palin.


    A serious boycott is being organized. And we aren't intending to back down.


    S. H. in Cincinnati
    Stray Yellar Dawg in the Blogosphere
    Done with Letterman on late night TV

  4. FCC - How to File a Complaint - Regarding Obscenity, Indecency & Profanity:

    Complaints may be filed via:

    Electronic Complaint Form for Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable and Satellite Issues
    U.S. Mail sent to:
    Enforcement Bureau, Investigations and Hearings Division
    445 12th Street, S.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20554

    Electronic Mail at fccinfo@fcc.gov
    Toll Free: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322); 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY
    Fax: 1-866-418-0232

    You can help us resolve your complaint more quickly by providing as much of the following information as possible: (1) the date and time the material was aired; (2) the call sign, channel, or frequency of the station; (3) the city and state where the program was viewed; and (4) as many details as possible about the content of the broadcast to help the FCC determine whether the material was obscene, profane, or indecent. You may support your allegations by a full or partial tape or transcript, or by providing a significant excerpt, but these are not required. The key is to provide enough information for staff to determine both the specific content of the complained-of material and the context in which it was broadcast. It is also helpful to include your address, e-mail and phone numbers.

    If you choose to submit a recording, you should send the recording to Federal Communications Commission, Investigations & Hearings Division/Enforcement Bureau, 9300 East Hampton Drive, Capital Heights, MD 20743. Any documentation of the programming becomes part of the Commission's records and cannot be returned.

  5. In an interview this morning with John Ziegler, MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer found nothing wrong with David Letterman’s comments about Sarah Palin!

  6. Anonymous2:46 PM

    SYD FYI I wasn't trying to be funny. I was and still am PISSED. I am ashamed that I wasted any of my time watching that bastard over the years.

    I hope Alex Rodriguez come out against Letterman since he called Alex a rapist.

  7. The New Agenda is responding with an offer of their Speaker's Bureau.

    And detailed contact information for Letterman's sponsors.

    Check them out at:

  8. Boudicca12:10 AM

    I signed a petition yesterday calling for the ouster of Letterman. What a disgrace to humanity he is.
    Has Alex Rodriguez issued a statement yet? I believe he has as much cause to be pissed off as the Palins; his name was also besmirched.
    Anyone who laughed at or excuses Letterman is no one I would care to speak to or do business with.
    What a true fuckwad. I'll vote for Sarah now, should she run, based simply on the joy I'll receive if she wins the presidency and makes people like Letterman implode.