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I have worked 40 years to make the Women's Suffrage platform broad enough for Atheists and Agnostics to stand upon, and now if need be I will fight the next 40 to keep it Catholic enough to permit the straightest Orthodox religionist to speak or pray and count her beads upon."

Susan B. Anthony

Saturday, July 11, 2009

One by One, Liberal Sources Sell Out In Deference to their Corporate Candidate: MSNBC, WAPO and DU in the "Obama Era."

There is a strange thread running through the undermedia today. It is that the overmedia on the Left continues to lose all credibility with Americans (most particularly PUMAs.) And they are hurting because of it.

Take, for instance, the continuing decline of Keith Olbermann at MSNBC. This is a commentator that many PUMAs once listened to, and admired. After he turned on us, though, we abandoned him. While Keith was once competitive with Bill O'Reilly ... now he is lucky to surpass Nancy Grace in the Neilson's. He's been in freefall, ever since he told the Clinton wing of the Democratic party to take a hike. He'd like to see their favored candidate taken into a room and killed. (Or beaten so senseless that she doesn't come back out.)

A similar epitaph can be written for Keith's colleague Rachel Maddow. Once respected and revered for her feisty and well thought out opinions, Rachel bought into the Obamania and drank the kool-ade. She didn't go as far as Olberjerk did. But, still, she has lost credibility among a huge segment of the Democratic party. Because of this, it is unlikely that she will ever come anywhere near eclipsing O'Reilly or Hannity.

That's a shame, really.

Then there is this very odd story unfolding about WAPO and how it's publisher planned to sell access to it's reporters. The plan was to hold some private "Salons," where D.C. lobbyists and Obama administration officials would pay up to $250,000 for a seat at the table. Said table was... get this... in her private residence. Weymouth is backpeddling as hard as she can about the whole ordeal. But if you do some research you will find evidence that she actually sent some of the invitations from her private e-mail account. Needless to say, the WAPO scandal has become a P.R. nightmare.

It is worth noting, as well, that the Democratic Underground (which I refuse to link here) has also gone the way of complete and total pandering. Moderator, Skinner, has apparently added an "unrecommend" feature that allows anything remotely anti-Obama to be immediately removed by the Obot army over there. Another former hang-out of free thinking Democrats has thus fallen under the censorship of pro-Obama operatives. Dissent has gone out the window. (I only know this second hand, as I refuse to EVER visit the D.U. again. Just as I refuse to ever watch Keith Olberjerk again.)

These are but four examples of formerly reliable, Left leaning, sources that have lost all credibility in the wake of the "Obama Era." And I might add, it's not all so hopeful and joyous as Ms. Solnit thought it would be.

I'm sad about that. Really, I am.

But... at least I am not surprised.


PS. I would just like to add that, as a Feminist, I take no joy in seeing the Female publisher at WAPO go down in history as one who blatantly and brazenly sold influence. Further, I do not enjoy seeing a Lesbian, Feminist commentator bringing up the rear in cable news ratings night after night. Alas, I believe this is a sad day for anyone who values a free and responsible press. Which we clearly do not have. In the "Age of Obama."

UPDATE: Another Case in Point, from the Conservative side of the aisle: David Brooks has been getting "intimate" with at least one Republican Pol. Eeewwww.


  1. Your comment "Further, I do not enjoy seeing a Lesbian, Feminist commentator bringing up the rear in cable news ratings night after night."

    I think it balances out. Rosie had the number one daytime talk show for years, and so has Ellen Degeneres.


  2. Shouldnt you include Brian bow down to Obama Williams, the rest of NBC, and also ABC and CBS to your sell out list. ABC did that infomercial from the white house and Katie C is another kiss ass

  3. Hi SYD,

    As I've written elsewhere, Paul Krugman and Stanley Fish at the NY Times are the only two pundits I trust at this point.

    Princeton historian Sean Wilentz, who debunked the Obama campaign's attempts to smear the Clintons as racists during the primary, is another of my favorites, but he only publishes occasionally.

    Isn't it sad? I used to read a dozen or so columnists every morning, mainly at the Times, the Boston Globe, and Wapo.

    On the air, I can't think of any that I particularly trust. PBS's NewsHour was once my old standby, but they proved to be led by male chauvinists in 2008, and I've not got much use for them any longer.

  4. Of course you are all correct.

    It is just that we have lost so much in one short year.

    Nothing is as it once appeared. No one in the press can be trusted.... Not when there is a $250,000 pricetag on "access."

    The free press is dead.

    For shame.